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No, I am not Lonely

It never ceases to amaze me that people genuinely think that I am lonely. Since when did being alone and being lonely become synonymous?? When my last relationship ended, I vowed to start doing more things by myself. I wasn't going to wait for other people to be...

Getting Rid of “Just in Case” Items

Am I the only person who always packs a few “just in case” items when they go on vacation? A nice dress in case we go somewhere fancy to eat? An extra pair of headphones in case mine break? Emergency snacks in case I get hangry? 5 different pairs of shoes in case I...

Gabriels Venture Meet Tiny Living

Oh, how time flies my friends! It has already been 2 months since my first Tiny House Festival in New Paltz, NY. It's funny how little things we do, the tiniest of decisions can completely change the course of our future. For me, picking up the phone and calling the...

Hey, I’m Ashlee.

Thanks for stopping by! I started this website as a way to document my journey living in a tiny house and to share the lessons that I have learned along the way (and trust me, there were a lot of them).

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