I spent almost one whole year window shopping for tiny houses. Well technically I guess I was internet shopping..? Although… it was on a Windows computer.. So I think, MAYBE, this is still an appropriate use for the term Window Shopping. Somebody call Webster’s Dictionary- I think I am on to something!

Gosh, I am sorry. It is rude of me to blow your mind in the first few sentences of a blog post. Don’t worry, it can only go downhill from here…

In order to add value to your life and give you something to reflect upon, I have slaved over compiling this list of the top 9 reasons that I was able to stop window shopping and actually pull the trigger on purchasing a tiny house.

Okay- there I go again… exaggerating to get the emotions going. I honestly wrote this list in my PJs on a Wednesday night while listening to Summer Hits of the 90s Radio on Pandora.

ANYWAY- Here are 9 of the things that set me apart from most people who “LOVE” tiny houses but will never actually do anything about it.


I was a minimalist before being a minimalist was trendy.. and I didn’t even realize it. I have never been one to use a lot of “things” or wear a lot of clothes or have a big shoe collection, or a collection of anything really. While I did purchase and accumulate a lot of, well, crap over the first 24 years of my life, I rarely used any of it. That Kindle I needed to have one year for Christmas? Used it on vacation once then realized I like having real books in my hands. The 4 pairs of Uggs I needed so that I could have one to go with any outfit I could possibly imagine? Wore one pair over and over again until they had holes in them. The stuffed animal I won from scoring a three pointer at six flags? Even though I thought it had sentimental value because in all reality I suck at basketball- it got lost under my bed for 2 years. Do you see where I am going with this? Although I may have HAD a lot of stuff…. I barely used any of it- and NEEDED even less. All I needed was a reason to get rid of it all- and that is exactly what the Tiny House gave me.


I hated getting rid of things, even though I KNEW that I had no need for most of the things I had accumulated over the years… The things I had collected for years awaiting the day that I would venture out on my own. The clothes that I had held onto for years “just in case.” Those lime green converse that I “totes needed obv” when I was 14… and never wore… but had to hold onto for the moment that they would be a game changer for a single outfit that I would look back on in hindsight and realize was hideous anyway… THAT was the old me. Something happened to me- I got bit by a spider, dropped on my head, someone spiked my drink, or something like that- and all of the sudden I actually LOVED to get rid of things. I went on a selling and donating spree that lasted for months. It may have been sparked by my discovery of the app POSHMARKa platform where you can sell your used clothes, household supplies, etc.- but there is not proof of this.. It is all speculation. Let me be honest, my desire to get rid of things started out because I wanted to make some extra cash, but I soon was donating everything that didn’t sell within days just to get it out of the house. Talk about a change of heart! It was as if my subconscious mind was clearing all the crap in my life to make room for all the beauty that was to come.


Thinking about paying rent in an apartment (AKA paying for someone else’s investment when I could be using that money for one of my own) gave me serious anxiety. I have always been pretty financially responsible so flushing money down the toilet in an apartment just wasn’t going to work for me. I also realized pretty quickly that buying a house right out of college regardless of my financial situation would be like shooting myself in the foot, and then again in the other foot… Not really my idea of fun. So, at this point it was either follow the masses and do what everyone else was doing, go against my moral and financial ideals, or live in my mom’s basement forever….. Obviously, I had to find another way…

*PLEASE RENTERS NEAR AND FAR- DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE TO THESE STATEMENTS, THEY ARE MY OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN ALL THAT SERIOUSLY. INSTEAD OF BEING OFFENDED JUST GO BUY A TINY HOUSE- you could probably fit your NYC studio apartment inside of one with no problem.. Your shoe collection, however, is another story.*


I thoroughly enjoy living a simple, stress-free life. Easier said than done, I know… But in all seriousness: Technology, social media, and electronics are more of a nuisance for me than they are a necessity. I have always wanted to live back in a time before TVs, alarm clocks, cell phones, and other innovative technologies were created. A time when it was much more satisfying to play cards around a kitchen table, or hell even on the floor. A time when kids had pen-pals across the country instead of Skype, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook friends. A time when slumber parties consisted of pranks calls and dance parties rather than video games and making Musically videos. Give me a book, a candle, a glass (or two) of wine, and a comfy bed and my night is complete. Being able to do exactly that in the loft, while looking out the sky light in my tiny house is far more magical than I could have imagined.


I spend every possible moment that I can outside in nature. I have always felt most at ease when I am outdoors- in the woods, at the beach, on top of a mountain, under a waterfall, under the stars. There is an amazing conglomeration of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness that comes from immersing yourself in the natural world. Living in any small space, you NEED to utilize the outdoors and truly believe it to be a part of your residence. Your home does not just need to be your house- home is wherever you feel free. I, myself, identify home with the Tiny House, but also with the great outdoors. “NATURE IS NOT A PLACE TO VISIT. IT IS HOME.”


I love to travel and I take every opportunity I get to do so. I always felt trapped being tied down to one place for too long. Day trips, overnights, exotic vacations… Anything that takes me somewhere new and different is right up my alley. Somehow I was always able to find a way to travel. Even when I was working my way through college with 2 full-time jobs and a full honors load of coursework. There was something in me that always needed to get away from home and see a new sight, smell a new smell, feel a new feeling. I couldn’t get that little voice to go away.. It was constantly reminding me of all of the world I had yet to see…

[Note: I do not tell you this to brag about my “accomplishments” or to get acknowledged for my hard work- I do it more so to show you that it is ALWAYS possible to travel if your desire is strong enough. Below is a list of some of my favorite budget-friendly travel sites that helped me travel across the US and the Caribbean as a broke college student.




This is exactly why a THOW (POP QUIZ- Do you remember what that acronym stands for?! If not, check back to Blog Post #1) was the perfect choice for me. The fact that I can take this beautiful off-grid abode anywhere is unbelievably satisfying…. Just knowing that I am able to stop at the place of my choosing to sleep for just a night or to live for the rest of my life gives me an incredible sense of peace and clarity.

  1. I CARE

I am one of the select few people who truly give a fuck about the environment. This topic gets me a little heated talking about… if you didn’t notice. Maybe it is because of my deep admiration for the natural world or possibly because I am very concerned about the environment that my children and grandchildren will grow up in.. but whatever the specific reason may be- I CARE ABOUT THE IMPACT I LEAVE ON THIS EARTH. Something deep inside of me does not allow me to litter in a park, a lake, or a beach. It would never let me drive a gas guzzling vehicle. It certainly wouldn’t give me the option to support a farming industry that is killing the ozone layer…

(**Did that spark anyone’s interest??? Watch COWSPIRACY on Netflix and get back to me on that one.)

Although I never thought about it previously, it is now obvious to me that living off the grid is exactly what I needed. Funny how sometimes the universe gives you what you need, rather than what you ask for


I actually went inside of a Tiny House. The day I walked into my first Tiny House was the day that I found the Tiny House that I would end up buying. Stay up-to-date on my blog posts for the full story of the day that totally changed my mindset from dreaming to reality and my life from ordinary to extraordinary.

This one is a much more tangible reason than the previous seven. This is something that anyone can do, no matter how serious they are about living in a tiny house. However, it is just as (if not even more) important to my story as the rest of the reasons on this list. No matter how deeply any of the reasons on this list resonate with you, they most likely will not be the reason you actually decide to buy a tiny house. Only after you have walked inside of one will you be able to imagine if it is the right lifestyle for you. I stepped inside of one and I knew right away that it was for me… So, go ahead- step outside of your comfort zone for a couple minutes and give it a shot.

[DOUBLE DOG DARE: Are you up for a challenge? It is really not all that hard, but I would bet that  most of you will not actually do it. (Prove me wrong!)  Let’s see who the real players are here! Call up a local seller from tinyhouselistings.com and set up a showing.. Yes, right now… Unless it is 2 am- then wait until the morning but that’s the longest I’ll give you! Share your experiences in the comments section below. I will personally call each person who shares their experience, and maybe even write a blog post about it!!]


This is HugeMonumentalGargantuan… and SO VERY unlike me. I am typically a very indecisive person- the type of person who will choose the restaurant we’re going to for dinner and then take 20 minutes to figure out what to order. Indecision is a killer for many things in life… in my case, it has been a serial killer for second dates (…that may have been the corniest joke I’ve thrown at you guys so far huh?) BUT, for once in my life, I did not fall into ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.


Analysis Paralysis: the state of over-analyzing a situation so that a decision is never made and action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.


  • Google is your most visited website
  • You have read the same self-help book 3 or more times
  • Thinking about the outcome of a decision gives you anxiety
  • You ask more than a handful of people their opinion on a topic
  • More than one pros-cons list has been created as a means to make a decision



For me, I did a combination of the three above cures: I meditation, listened to my gut instinct, and took a leap of faith. I knew that I would regret it more if I never tried living in a Tiny House than I would regret trying it and not totally falling in love with it. We tend to regret that WHAT IFS more than the OH WELLS. I made the decision that I was going to buy this house and figure out the rest as it came up. So far so good!

So… What is stopping YOU from joining me on this journey? Is there something on this list that is holding you back from riding the wave that is the Tiny House Movement? I would LOVE to hear your feedback in the comments section below. And PLEASE- do not be afraid to email me if you have any questions or concerns that you would prefer not to share publicly.

Remember, this blog is ABOUT me but it is FOR you. LIVE SIMPLY AND FULLY. Namaste.