You may have noticed over the past few years the trend that people are beginning to simplify their lives. More and more people are decluttering their homes and getting rid of superfluous stuff that has just been taking up space. There has been a shift in spending money on things in a store to spending money on memories and experiences. They are choosing tiny houses over the typical white picket fence American dream. There is an emphasis on mindfulness and expressing gratitude.

It’s intriguing in our society that so many people have shown an interest in such a huge transformation. Boycotting Black Friday, quitting their corporate jobs to start their own business, selling their homes and traveling the country in an RV… Instagram and Facebook are full of people doing things like this! But, what most of us don’t see, is that this transformation is possible for ANYONE, and it does not require turning your entire world upside down.

Being a minimalist means that you invest your time, money, and energy in only the most important things in your life. That may seem vague, and that is because it is vague.

Minimalism means something different to everyone because we all have different values, passions, and things that we enjoy.

So, the first step is to be more conscious of what it is in your life that sparks joy. What things, people, experiences in your life make you the happiest? The more self-aware you become, and the more you understand the value of your possessions and your time, the better your life will be.

In my last blog post, I listed 10 things that you could do TODAY to live a more simplified, minimalist life. Now, let me take the time to tell you WHY being a “minimalist” and simplifying your life is the best thing you will ever do.


1. You will be less stressed.

When you simplify your life, time will magically appear for you. When you have more time, you will be able to do more things that you enjoy and that will lead to you being more relaxed in your day to day life.

2. You will have better relationships.

That may mean mending relationships that you already have or creating space for new ones to form. Either way, when you are aware of what you want and need in a relationship, you are much more likely to get it.


3. You will gain the confidence and courage to pursue the job of your dreams.

A huge benefit of simplifying your life is being more focused and passionate. When you realize how valuable your time is, you may realize that the 40+ hours a week you spend at that job you hate just isn’t worth it. But, that new found passion and focus is exactly what you need to find (or maybe even create) a job that you love.

4. You will be able to travel with ease.

Having less stuff and more time makes traveling far more attainable than you may have previously thought. With less stuff to take care of at home, it is easy to pack up the family and head off on an impromptu road trip or book a last minute ticket to surprise your mom on her birthday!

5. Your physical health will improve.

Another part of being self-aware is noticing how your body feels, inside and out. Eating healthfully and staying active always make you feel good, so once you have the time to stop and notice that, making healthy choices becomes much easier.

6. You will have a more clear, healthier mind.

The physical stuff that we own clutters more than just our shelves and closets; it takes up space in our minds as well. The less stuff we have, the easier it is to focus on put our energy into what is important to us.

7. You will gain so much confidence in your day to day life.

As a minimalist, you are very in-tune with yourself because you have taken the time to do some self-discovery. That allows you to be the best version of yourself, and how can you not be confident when you are performing at that optimal level?!

8. You will be more present and mindful.

Focus aligns directly with clarity. By figuring out what is important to you and getting rid of everything else (physical stuff, relationships, bad habits, etc.), you have allowed yourself to live in the moment free of distractions and stress.

9. You will be much more appreciative of the people in your life.

A minimalist lifestyle allows you to place importance on the areas of your life that you care about most. A majority of the time, the most valuable things in our life are the people we surround ourselves with. Being appreciative and expressing gratitude to those people will become second nature to you.

10. You will realize that it is the little things that make you happy.

Happiness may have seemed like a far off destination to you before, but now that you have embraced minimalism you realize it is a lot closer than you thought. Especially, because simplification causes us to see that it was always the little things that brought us the most joy.


11. You will improve your financial situation.

By understanding that THINGS will not make your life meaningful, you will very quickly stop spending so much money. A big part of minimalism is freedom: freedom from stuff, time freedom, and ideally financial freedom. You will have more money left over to pay off debts, invest in yourself, and save for the things you really love.

12. You will find it hard to stop smiling.

Having a sincere appreciation for the little things in life makes it impossible to go very long without a smile on your face. All it takes is a glimpse of the sun, the sound of a baby’s laugh, or a cute animal to do the trick.


So, what is stopping you from jumping into this lifestyle head first? What holds you back from creating a life that you love?


Whatever it is, it is time to let it go.

You are able. You are deserving. You are loved and supported.