“Aunt Ashlee, this is my favorite song!”

“Ash, do you like this shirt? It is my favorite.” 

“Aunt Ash, you are my favorite aunt!”


My niece has A LOT of favorites. Every single song on the radio is her favorite. Every outfit she puts on is her favorite. I’m obviously the coolest aunt ever, so it is no surprise that I am her favorite. It is also no surprise that she never wants to get rid of her old toys, shoes, clothes, etc. because they are ALL her favorite. Granted, she is four years old, but I would bet that this might sound familiar to some of you.


“That’s my favorite….” whatever.

“I may need that some day!”

“This reminds me of that time so and so and I did” whatever.

These are the three most common reasons people hang onto things that they know they don’t really need. As I work more and more with people who are choosing to simplify not only their homes, but also their lives as a whole, this trend is way too prevalent to ignore.

“That’s my favorite…” whatever is MY favorite of these excuses to tackle. Because, is EVERYTHING you own REALLY your favorite? I would bet you it’s not.

And when you own things that are not your “favorite,” when they don’t add immense value to your life, when they stress you out or make you feel anxious… Your stuff is actually owning you. Now, imagine if you could simplify your life down to just your favorite things. That’s how I live my life. I may not “own” much, but everything that I own is my favorite thing. Everything I own makes me happier, makes my life easier, and adds value to me. When I got rid of all that extra stuff, what remained were the things that I used every day; things that were either important, meaningful, or useful.


All of my clothes are my favorite clothes. All of my gadgets are my favorite gadgets. All of my jewelry is my favorite jewelry. All of my possessions are my favorite possessions- each one bringing me joy on a daily basis.

Imagine what life would be like if you were only surrounded by your favorite things. Can you imagine how freeing it would feel?