Most of the time, reality does not happen exactly how we expect it to. If you need irrefutable proof of this statement, click here for some examples. Get the picture? (Pun obviously intended… As usual.)

My first day as a tiny house owner was no exception to this:

Expectation                                                                                           Reality









I guess I expected everything that was stuffed in the tiny house to just magically fall into place, or maybe even that cute baby animals would come help me. Who was I kidding?

But, still, there was no way that I was hauling all of this stuff out of the tiny house by myself. 6 solar panels and bases, 4 rain barrels, 2 garbage barrels of saw dust, and a bunch of random things that I had no idea what to do with…. So I cleverly recruited my sister and two nieces to help me clean up this mess. Why I didn’t think to recruit someone over the height of 5’5″ with slight muscle mass and possibly even a penis… I’m not so sure. The Ms. Independent inside of me decided that was unnecessary. So, my sister and I hauled everything out of the house while my nieces ran around with the dogs, through the vineyards and the gardens. What a beautiful sight.

After only a few scrapes and bruises, the tiny house was empty again. It’s amazing how perception works.. the tiny house felt pretty damn HUGE now that everything was out of there. Hmm…what’s next? “Ash.. can I help you clean?” I look down and see my beautiful goddaughter looking up with me with those stunning green eyes.. how could I say no to her? (Not that I would say no to pretty much anyone who wants to help me clean, but still.. shes fucking gorgeous.) Somehow we even recruited the 12 year old to help us clean. It may have involved a little bit of cash, but, hey, it worked!

By mid-day, the tiny house was ready to be made my own. This was the blank slate that I had needed in my life for a long time. Something to call my own, that no one else could take ownership of and that I had total control of. Little did I know how foreshadowing this moment would be for me. A blank slate…

All cleaned out and ready to go. But, now the question is: where to start??! There wasn’t much to do to make it livable, but there was so much to do to make it MINE. The teacher in me always requires that I make a list when I have a bunch of things to do, so that is exactly what I did. Post it notes in hand I sat at the stone table and began to list what had to be done and prioritize that list.

Set up solar panels
Figure out rain water situation
Clean out wood stove and set up chimney
Paint the walls and ceilings
Get moved in

That’s it?? Really? I should have this done in NO TIME! Remember that thing I said in the beginning about reality not being quite like our expectations? I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…..

The order in which I acted up these priorities:
Paint living area and kitchen white
Move in my things
Change my mind and paint the living area tan
Put my things back in boxes
Rip out futon
Build dresser bench
Try to figure out solar.. fail.. try again… fail again
Decide to rework the whole rain water system
Set up solar panels for real
Move my things in again
Clean out stove
Chop wood
Rip out most of the bathroom
Paint bathroom
Make LED lights for the whole house
Start working on shower
Stop working on shower
Start working on shower again
Get distracted by life

So about that whole making list to be more productive thing… I guess it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Thank god! How boring would the rest of this blog be if things had gone as planned??