DISCLAIMER: If you have not yet realized, I have a seriously corny sense of humor. This post really showcases my inner corniness, so if that is going to make you look at me differently… Read it anyway!


For a teacher, waking up in North Carolina on your best friend’s couch after a night of bar-hopping less than a week after the school year ended feels just as good (if not better than) all 25 of these things.


That alone could have made this day nearly perfect. Add to that eating a fully organic breakfast at First Watch and spending most of the day lost in the woods alone… Well, this day has BEST DAY EVER written all over it. If my life were a movie, the soundtrack of Thursday June 30th, 2016 most definitely would have been this(Any movie directors out there? I’m giving you a jump start here… My life would make one helluva movie!)

This day couldn’t get much better could it? Actually it could… I bet you never would have guessed, but this was the day that I stepped into the very first tiny house that I had ever laid eyes on. Let me set it up for you…

Imagine little ol’ me driving to a random address at 8:30 in the morning, quivering with excitement, dehydration (bar-hopping, remember?), and also slight fear because you never know who you can meet on the internet…

Seriously… Going alone to meet strangers is the shit that horror movies are made out of. But my excitement overcame the fear (and the dehydration) because, really, how bad could someone who owns a tiny house be?!


They didn’t actually own a tiny house and were just trying to lure cute little girls onto their property to turn them into soup or something…

But-luckily, my gut instinct was correct: I could see the tiny house from the road and it was FUCKING AWESOME.

I knocked on the door of the owner’s home and the cutest old man opened up. Turns out, he decided to build a tiny house as a side project since, and I quote, he is “retired now and has nothing else to do but try not to annoy [his] wife.” That was pretty much the first thing out of his mouth when he opened the door so I think he had been waiting a long time to say that to someone. As we chatted he led me to the door of the tiny house… He unlocked the door… Swung it open… and I stepped inside.


I hadn’t expected that walking into such a compressed space would expand my mind as much as it did. (That was corny wasn’t it? I warned you!) The storage alone was fascinating… (ladies- I know you understand.)  THEN, when I saw the tiny stairs and the hidden cubby holes and the mini-fridge… I just fell in love with the adorableness. (Is adorableness a word? No..? Someone get Webster’s dictionary on the phone again!) However, for some reason, it did not feel like a place I could call home. Not because of the small bathroom or the tight kitchen… not because of anything I can particularly put my finger on… Just… because. Sometimes you just know… Ya know?

So about 20 minutes later, after some good conversation and a cup of tea, I shook hands with the cute old man and went about my day with a smile on my face and some weight off my shoulders.

*Cue the soundtrack!* 

After completing the rest of my best day ever activities, I ended my night with the second and last tiny house showing that I would go to while I was out in NC (Well… actually the last one that I would go on to date.) My best friend Stacy graciously agreed to come with me this time- NOW all the sudden she cares if I’m going to be meeting with a mass murderer that owns a tiny house… Real nice Stacy. But, that was Sign #1 that this house would be THE TURNING POINT. We pull up to the address on Friendship Road (Sign #2) and see the most adorable tiny house I have ever seen- red aluminum roof, grey and white siding, windows everywhere…. I mean come on… This isn’t even fair. I was already in love.


















“Hey there! Welcome to my humble abode… well soon to be your humble abode!” Up walks a beautiful woman with a corny sense of humor.. Just my style. As she picks up her arm to shake my hand, I notice she does not shave her armpits.. A sure sign that she is a hippy- the real deal too (Sign #3) What better person to buy a tiny house from?!


I’m pretty sure I barely looked through the house. I was sold before I even walked in the door. (This is absolutely not an exaggeration. It may make no sense to you right now, but it will make sense when you find the tiny house of your dreams.) Just like when you meet your soulmate or best friend… There is just something inside of you that screams: “THAT’S HER.. SHE’S THE ONE! GRAB ONTO HER AND NEVER LET HER GO… LITERALLY. GRAB HER RIGHT NOW AND HOLD ON TIGHT NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE SQUIRMS.” ….. Another reason why I am single I guess…

Thank God Stacy came with me because she was a very diligent tiny house inspector.. She asked all the right questions and looked in all the right places. All the while I was busy dancing to the music in my head.

It turned out that this beautiful, perfect tiny house even came with a totally off-grid package that would allow me to set up anywhere with no need to hook up for electricity, water, gas, anything! (Sign #4) I am not sure why I was surprised by this when it explicitly stated that this was the case on the Tiny House Listing:

8 x 20 ft Tiny House w/ Complete Off-Grid Package

 I guess sometimes I am just not all that observant. Either way, this was subconsciously exactly what I needed… The ability to go anywhere with no strings (or wires) attached. The peace of mind that I would be making a minimal impact on the environment. The freedom of having a small space that would be filled with love rather than junk.


Good thing Stacy drove us to see the adorable little home on Friendship Road because I felt like I was high on life, bouncing around like gravity didn’t apply to me as I walked away from what would end up being MY humble abode. (This damn hippy was a psychic too… How do they do it?!)

Not long after leaving the love of my life -THE TINY HOUSE HELLO!- and my best friend behind, I embarked on my 10 hour drive back to New York. I would love to say that my excitement kept me wired all night as I drove up the east coast under the stars, but then I would be lying. And I just cannot lie to you beautiful people. In actuality, I almost fell asleep a few times, but thankfully my 2015 Subaru Legacy constantly beeped at me as I bounced between the dotted lines on the highway to the point that it said “PULL THE FUCK OVER BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE” on my dashboard. (Not literally… although that would have been pretty cool.) So, I pulled over, slept for a couple hours, woke up to a creepy Rest Area attendant peeking in my window, and finished my trek back to NY.


I didn’t realize that I would actually end up buying a Tiny House at any time on this trip. All I knew was that I was absolutely in love with this cute little house with the red roof and needed it more than anything else in the world and could not stop fascinating about traveling the world (or at least the continental US) with it. This is where that whole “You regret more of the WHAT IFs than the OH WELLs” philosophy comes in (Check this post out to see where that philosophy comes from).


It didn’t take much thought to decide that this was a risk I had to take… Quite the contrary actually. All it took was a simple decision making process that I follow whenever I have to make a major choice in my life…. Especially when I come to a TURNING POINT in my life.


**CHECK OUT MY NEXT BLOG POST TO SEE THE PROCESS THAT I FOLLOWED TO MAKE THIS HUGE DECISION TO BUY A TINY HOUSE. It is the same process that I use when I have trouble making any decisions… which is pretty much everyday because I am one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet.**



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