I know… I know what you must be thinking. “This is going to be another Tiny House blog about organization, tiny appliances, DIY projects, and the technicalities of the laws surrounding the tiny house movement.” Was I right? Is that was you were thinking? No.. I am not a mind reader, but I WAS an occasional tiny-house-blog reader over the past year and a half so I have an idea of what is out there.

This blog is definitely not going to be like those blogs… This blog is about me- and my journey from college student living in my mom’s basement to flying solo (sort of) and living in a totally off-grid Tiny House on Wheels.

[LINGO LESSON: From now on, if I write “THOW” that stands for Tiny House on Wheels… I didn’t make that up-I am definitely not that clever. It is a term that is used quite a lot in the Tiny House Community.]

This journey of mine was spontaneous, chaotic, frustrating, disappointing, tiring, inspiring, motivating, enlightening, and never-ending. Uh.. yes- in that EXACT ORDER. But no- I wouldn’t change a thing.

Let’s begin back when owning my very own tiny house was nothing but a dream…. (Some of you may be able to relate to this…)

My slight obsession with tiny living began after seeing this –>

Is that… a SHIPPING CONTAINER?! I had never seen anything like it… It was so elegant and somehow also so simple. That was the moment I knew that my first “place” was not going to be one of the masses… There was NO WAY I’d choose living in an apartment over living in a shipping container and, financially, buying a house anytime soon was not an option… So it was settled. I had to once again, go against the grain, and find a different path.

This discovery of shipping containers as an alternative type of housing led me to do some diligent research (and by some I mean countless hours worth) and eventually brought me to find the website that I have visited more than any other website over the past year and a half… except MAYBE Facebook… But it’s definitely a close call.



The Zillow of Tiny Houses. I must have poured through a thousand tiny houses in my first sitting. Imagine me, wired on coffee and adrenaline, at 1 in the morning, drooling over these tiny places of residence. I was totally fascinated by all the different floor plans and designs, colors and materials. I automatically signed up to get New Listings to my Inbox- brilliant marketing scheme by the way!- and would check on the site for new listings about 3 times a day (just in case.) I will be honest with you.

It was addicting.

“Hello, my name is Ashlee and I am a tiny house lisiting addict.”

I was teaching third grade at the time my addiction began and I cleverly incorporated it into my lesson plans by leaving 10 minutes at the end of each day to go through new listings with the kids. I have never had a more attentive class than I did during those 10 minutes- not before and not since.


Note: Addiction is not a joke… Here are a few sites that may benefit someone you know suffering from addiction.

  3. FOOD 


At this point, it was official. There would come a day that I, Ashlee Fazio, would own a Tiny House. I did not know when and I did not know how. But I felt it in my bones that I would figure it out one way or the other…

WARNING: The blog posts that are to follow are 100% authentic. They describe events that have TRULY happened to me in my journey of owning a tiny house. (Some concepts may be exaggerated, but that is just the way I tell stories… so, get used to it.) They are stories and topics that I think will be extremely beneficial to those who read them, learn from them, and apply them. I always write with the end in mind, with a purpose, with the intentions of providing value to my readers. I do hope you realize.. I am not writing this blog FOR ME. I love living simply and privately. That’s why I live in a tiny house on a horse farm… obviously. I am writing this blog FOR YOU. I am sharing my personal story (and yes… it is going to get pretty personal) for you to read, to learn from, to laugh at, to get inspired by, and maybe even to be enlightened by. So please, if I can ask one thing of you, my beloved reader: please CONTRIBUTE!!! Use the comments section to share your thoughts, give feedback, meet other enthusiasts, tell me I made your day… Anything 😉 I will always respond promptly and be as transparent as humanly possible.


I promise you this: you are in for quite an exciting journey…




Well…. enough about me (for now.) Let’s talk about you. Why are you here? What about tiny houses interests you?

What would you like to learn more about? What other lifestyle topics would you be interested in reading about?

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TO LET ME KNOW !!! This is a blog ABOUT me but FOR you– I am all ears to your requests!