“Minimalism has been keeping me focused and have better energy. It has gotten me to get rid of stuff that has caused clouds over my head. Tiny living is giving me the opportunity to focus on what’s important and how I want to live. This is putting me in a better, happy place.”

“Your mid twenties is a very interesting time; it seems that everyone around you is at a different stage, while still trying to figure out who they are. Ashlee spreads such a positive message of simplicity and finding your own happiness in a world that is often dark. Though I am not (yet) a minimalist, she shares ways to simplify your life, find what is important to you and dive into it head first.”

“Ashlee has had such a positive impact on my life. I was some what stuck in who I am and who the world wanted me to be. Her blog opened up that I am not alone in my thoughts there is a whole world out there to be seen and just because someone puts these rules on life those don’t have to be yours. I have moved out and have a tiny apartment that I can afford and I don’t have any unnesscary stuff weighing me down emotionally and physically.”