Right now, tiny houses are one of the top trends that everyone is talking about. Trending alongside of tiny houses are fidget spinners, male rompers, Donald Trump, man buns…. God bless America. Regardless of our obnoxious taste as a society as a whole, tiny houses may actually be a trend that can have a positive impact on our livelihood. Unfortunately. most people have never actually stepped foot inside of a tiny house for themselves. They may have seen the shows, watched some YouTube tours, read a blog post or two, but that’s about it.

I really feel blessed to have the opportunity to open my doors to people and let them experience what a tiny house is like first hand. I took a risk by buying my tiny, but the reward of opening people’s eyes and exposing them to another way of life has alone made it worthwhile. So far, upwards of 100 people have gotten the chance to check out my tiny house and have been amazed, confused, shocked, baffled, enlightened upon walking through the door. I have compiled a short list of the top reactions that I have witnessed from people stepping into a tiny house for the first time (completely uncensored).

  1. “It looks so much smaller on the outside!!!”
    Duh… It’s a box, on a trailer.
  2. “Look at all this storage space!”
    Shelves, hidden cabinets, built in shelves, storage loft, shelves in cabinets, and so on and so forth. It’s just such a typical, boring response. My tiny house is cool as fuck for about a million reasons and you’re impressed by the STORAGE?? Just wait…

3. “I could totally live in this? What do you think babe??? ….. No.”
Surprisingly, it is usually the male that shoots this idea down… And I don’t think it is because of the lack of room for things (as I would have assumed with the females), more so the lack of places to hide from their significant other. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

4. “Mom, Dad…. Can you buy me one?”
Like, what the fuck. This is not a puppy. This is a $30,000+ investment. At least have the decency to say please.

5. “We might as well just live in an RV than in a tiny house.”
Oh come on, people. Have you ever stayed in an RV for an extended period of time? It is not comfortable, it is not cute, and it is certainly not home.

6. “If I could be totally self-sufficient like this, I would live in the middle of the woods far from civilization. That’s the life.”

While I completely agree that living off of the land in the middle of the woods away from the nuances of our society sounds tempting, I don’t know how many of us are properly equipped to do that. But, it is a nice thought.

7. “Oh, hellllllll no.”
Where am I supposed to put my…
Ironing board
Fur coat
Shoe collection
Rocking chair
(Please see reaction #2)
I swear, it is always the dumbest shit that people get concerned about. Why is storage for your mother’s wedding dress the first thing you ponder when thinking about living in a tiny house?? Regardless, I could make room for literally every single one of those things in my tiny if they were meaningful, important, or useful to me. (PLUG IN)