Wednesday night, 7 pm, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop sharing the table with my laptop, as usual. A good cup of coffee is something I will always be willing to splurge on, no matter how far I take this whole “frugal” minimalist thing (and I’ve already taken it quite far, wouldn’t ya say?)

I push my laptop to the side as a friend of mine sits opposite me, unplugging myself from the distractions of the outside world for just a little while. Over the course of an hour we traversed the rarest of conversations, the topics that many people wouldn’t dare to discuss with even their closest friends.

Sparked by caffeine and positive vibes, I began to write this down on a napkin as we spoke:

The White Picket Fence Cookie Cutter “Dream”

The house that is too big to maintain, but too small for all of the possessions we must keep. The job that pays the bills and then some, but takes up all of our time, and then some. The marriage that makes us feel secure, but stuck. The car that drives fast, since we don’t know how to slow down. The white picket fence that gives us privacy, in a world where we disclose everything on Facebook anyway. The weekend we wait all week for, the vacation we wait all year for, the retirement we wait our whole lives for.

Is THIS the American “Dream”…?

You can keep your American Dream, America…  I’ll be up in the mountains staring at the stars, or deep in the ocean swimming with the fish, or relaxing in my hammock cuddled up with a good book. Come find me when you’re ready.

What does your dream look like? Describe it in the comments below… I’ve already written in mine 🙂