Ohhhmygoshhh… How is it the end of June ALREADY?? In a little over a week I will be towing my tiny out to the Ulster County Fairgrounds for the first ever New York Tiny House Festival.

I am totally freaked and also overwhelmingly excited to be speaking at the event Saturday and Sunday. Come early so that you don’t miss my first ever tiny house speaking engagement; I guarantee it will be memorable. Check out the speaker schedule here which will include tiny house owners, tiny house builders, Youtube and TV personalities, and of course ME! (I’ll be taking the stage from 10:00-10:30 both days, don’t miss it!!!)

So, I bet most of you are wondering, “What is a Tiny House Festival?”

In the words of  our amazing coordinator, Jake, “A Tiny House Festival is an event where tiny homebuilders, tiny house tours, workshops, demonstrations, renewable energy companies, artisan vendors, live music, awesome food and family fun.” The Tiny House Freedom Fest next weekend is New York’s only 3-day celebration of tiny homes, sustainable living and green technology right here in New York’s Hudson Valley. There will be food trucks and live music brought to you by the town of New Paltz. There will be a few dozen tiny houses available for viewing, a full day of speakers and workshops, and lots of food, music, and family fun. What better way to spend a summer weekend? 😀

Check out the links below to see what people are saying about the festival:


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Click here to buy tickets and don’t forget to use the code “tinylove” to save!









Leave me a comment to let me know you will be there so we can meet up, chat, and I can give you a personal tour (just for my subscribers)! Can’t wait to see you there.